Oriamo Freepods-2 (2baba tuned edition) – My Experience

Oriamo Freepods 2 – 2baba Edition

What is the point of a good earpiece if it can’t stay in your ears without causing pains?

I bought this earpiece about two weeks ago, and this is my experience with it.

Right off, I will say this, the Oriamo Freepods 2 – 2baba tuned edition is a good pair of earpiece. I had been using the Samsung galaxy buds pro since February/March 2020, but in February 2021, I lost the left earbud, and the experience with just one ear has not been pleasant.

In April 2021, I had an almost 12-hour journey scheduled, and I would be traveling by road to and fro, so I needed a good pair of earpiece for the journey (for listening to music, podcasts, and watching movies). Since I could not afford to get another pair of the galaxy buds pro at that time, I searched for a good budget earpiece, and after a couple of reviews on youtube. I settled for the Oriamo Freepods 2 – 2baba tuned edition – and here is my experience with it.

I got a warning.

Usually, when I watch YouTube videos, I get even more insights and recommendations from the comments. As positive as 99% of the reviews of the Oriamo Freepods 2 – 2baba tuned edition on Youtube were, in one of the comments, someone complained seriously about ear fatigue (pains in the ear) caused by the earpiece. In another comment, there was the issue of lack of noise cancelation (or isolation) – for me, this was expected though as the Freepods 2 are half in-ear type earpiece, but I did not expect it to be so bad.

My major gripe – Ear Fatigue

For me, the major negative for this earpiece is the comfort. It is not a comfortable earpiece for me to wear for long periods. In fact, just after 10 mins of having it on, I start having pains and I have to constantly adjust the ear pods to shake the pain away. And then leaving it in my ears for about 30 minutes makes me start having a funny feeling – more like I’m having a headache.

I get that not everyone will have this kind of discomfort because everyone has different ear structures. But then that’s one major point many budget earpiece manufacturers fail to consider or they just ignore it.

Everyone has different ear structures, so why make a one-size-fits-all earpiece? I believe the idea of having an earpiece that one cannot adjust the fit is old school and should be done away with. Just like many earpiece manufacturers do, there should be different sizes of tips in the package where one can swap to get the one that fits the most.

As I said, for me, this is the major negative and that’s why I have said so much. Now to the next.

Don’t expect a quiet listening experience.

Unless you are in a quiet place, expect that you will be able to hear any other sound around you while you are using the Freepods 2.

So five days after I bought the Oriamo Freepods 2, I went on my scheduled journey (Abuja to Umuahia in Abia state). About halfway through the journey, I decided to watch a movie, and the experience shocked me. I literally could not hear what was playing on my phone.

The particular God is Good bus I traveled with that day was unusually noisy, but not too bad. But that noise filtered in so much so that I could not hear the movie playing clearly. I had to stop playing the movie and continued listening to the music playing from the bus stereo.

The movie probably had an unusually low volume, that experience would have been way different with the Samsung galaxy buds pro because just fixing the buds in my ears would have canceled out over 60% of the noise and then the remaining would be drowned out by the movie audio. But I get it, this is not a fair comparison considering the price difference between the two sets of earpiece.

I believe this was an extreme scenario but it’s what it is. And remember someone already mentioned this in a comment in one of the youtube reviews.

But noisy environments aside, the Freepods 2 sounds good. Though the sound could be distorted at the highest volumes, and the lack of noise cancellation/isolation does not help here.

Call quality – Just fine

Good call quality is one of my major considerations in purchasing a Bluetooth earpiece. I have been using Bluetooth earpieces for calls since 2016 to the extent that I’m no longer used to holding my phone to my ear during a call.

The call quality of the Oraimo Freepods 2 is good, although, unlike my Samsung galaxy buds pro where I just put it on my earpiece and just keep on talking without much thought, for the Freepods 2, I found myself having to switch to speaking directly through the phone a couple of times. Because a number of times people on the other end of the call complain they cannot hear me or that I sound like I’m far away from my phone… And there were a lot of “what did you say?” during phone calls.

So once I start hearing “what did you say?” more than a few times, I switch to talking directly through the phone.

But overall, it’s very usable for making phone calls. I had no issues 70% of the time.

Battery life – Very good

It took a while before I could actually experience what the battery life had to offer because due to the discomfort I mentioned above, I was not using the Freepods 2 as I would normally have used it – I listened to media lesser than I would, I made calls with it less than normal. It was in preparing to put out this review that I forced myself to use it exclusively for a whole day – and the oriamo Freepods 2 have very good battery life. 

To give you a proper context of this, I am typing this on a Monday morning, and the last time I charged the earpiece was on Saturday morning, and I used them all weekend. My usage included about two hours of listening to music and podcast, watching videos on WhatsApp status, then making a number of calls (both phone calls and WhatsApp calls).

I had plans of calculating the exact time it took to use up the battery of both the case and the pods themselves, and the things I used it for, but I have not been able to do that. Maybe I will do that when I make a Youtube video for this review.

Looks – Good

I don’t have much concern for how an earpiece looks, as long as it does what I want it to. That’s not to say I’ll accept if it looks ridiculous. And then most earpieces in the same category look basically the same.

Oriamo Freepods 2 – looks good

The Oriamo Freepods 2 looks pretty basic, just like most other half in-ear earpieces with long stems. One standout aspect about the looks is the gold color plating around the earpods.

One tech reviewer on youtube (I think misstechy) mentioned that it looks like one is putting on earrings. And it gave me a good laugh when a friend of mine who saw me wearing the earpiece turned my head to the side suddenly and breathed out saying she thought I was wearing earrings. So, beware of that.

Other Matters – Paring, Secure in case, Lightweight

The Oriamo Freepods 2 pair easily, and quickly too. I never had a problem with pairing or disconnections. As soon as you take the pods out of the case, they turn on, and pair with my phone within five seconds.

They are lightweight and stay securely in my ears anytime I wore them. I never had an issue with them falling off or having the fear or feeling that they will fall off.


So there you have it. As I started out in the beginning, the Oriamo Freepods 2 – 2baba tuned edition is a good budget earpiece – it looks goods, it feels good, it has a good call quality and good battery life.

Due to my ear structure, I had issues with comfort and ear fatigue. And then some occasional issues of callers not hearing me clearly.

Oriamo Freepods 2 – good for the price

But overall, I would recommend this earpiece if you are on a budget. But if possible test how it fits in your ears before you buy them.

I bought mine at Banex plaza in Abuja, but you can get it on Konga for and Jumia for N15,500.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. At the time of preparing this post, I have been using the Oriamo Freepods 2 – 2baba tuned edition for almost three weeks, and I must say the annoyances I experienced when I first got the Freepods are no longer as serious as they are were. Yes, they are still there, but maybe my ears are beginning to get used to the pods, or maybe mentally I’m accepting them for what they are.

In the end, I plan to give them out and buy the Zealot B20 headphones strictly for listening to music.

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  1. Thanks so much for this review.
    I’ve experienced using an earpiece that isn’t comfortable (Havit product). It doesn’t stay upto 10mins in my ear without falling off…

    Reviews like this guides us in purchasing good but affordable gadgets.

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